Constant and growing changes in healthcare technology have made software implementation, integration and support an integral part of the service that we provide.  Whether it’s help with editing templates, installing encryption software or coordinating data reporting, we’ve got you covered!

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

We work with all of the major EHR software providers to accommodate the individual preferences of the practices that we work with.  In doing so, we assist in implementation, templating, integrations and provide on-site training for your staff.

Our Implementation and Technical Support Department has worked hand-in-hand with hundreds of practices on implementing and customizing their EHR software.  By implementing and meaningfully using a certified EHR, among other things, your practice may qualify for various Valued Based Care bonuses and incentives.

Need an EHR software for your practice?

For providers who do not already have a certified EHR (meaning, a web-based EHR that is fully O.N.C. certified), we can coordinate installation and implementation of a leading certified EHR (with discounted pricing for clients of our service). 

Most important, we provide ongoing, one-on-one training, for all of the physicians and staff in your practice.  With EHR, you will receive customized templates for your practices specific needs. Other features include:

  • Ability to access EHR from anywhere, including touch enabled devices such as iPads.

  • E-Prescribing and drug formularies.

  • Appointment scheduling.

  • Online lab and radiology reports.  We interface with most major labs and any labs who have capabilities.

  • Patient portals.


The transition to Electronic Health Record (EHR) created an overload of documentation and reporting responsibilities for physicians.  The result is that physicians are overburdened, they are pulled away from actual patient care and, in the end, billing and reporting are slowed down. To relieve the additional burden, more and more physicians are turning to Medical Scribes for support.

A Medical Scribe is essentially a personal assistant or “shadow” to the physician.  He or she performs documentation in the EHR, gathers information for the patient's visit, and meets daily recording and reporting requirements.

Moreover, with the increased focus on Value Based Care, Medical Scribes are often the answer to achieving and maintaining the certification and reporting requirements necessary to receive additional bonus and incentive payments.

Telehealth & Telemedicine

Although the terms telehealth and telemedicine are often used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two.

Telehealth includes a broad range of technologies and services to provide patient care and improve the healthcare delivery system as a whole. While telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, telehealth can refer to remote non-clinical services, such as provider training, administrative meetings, and continuing medical education, in addition to clinical services.

Telemedicine refers to the actual medical services being provided via Telehealth.  It involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit.  Telemedicine technology is frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, specialist consultation and a host of other clinical services that can be provided remotely via secure video and audio connections.

For providers seeking to incorporate telemedicine into their practices, we can help coordinate implementation of virtual encounters and telemedicine billing.